Casting Off: A Smudge

Isn’t it great when the Work In Progresses convert so easily into Finished Objects?

A couple of days ago I made a little turquoise earphone gadget bag, and then this slid off my needles and announced itself complete:

It’s a medium-sized gadget bag, that I made with a Kindle Paperwhite in mind.  It’s now listed on my Etsy shop.  The combination of white and grey makes me think of graphite pencil smudged on white paper.

I am on a mission to clear out my stash.  Much of it has been sat in bags, dormant for a few years, while I have dutifully taken it with me every time I move house.  No more.  Time for a spring clean… to make room for new yarns, obviously!

My ongoing WIP is this:

© knitgineering 2016

This is the beginnings of a large triangular scarf/shawl/wrap.  The yarn is DMC Woolly Natural Knitting Merino wool 053.  I love the colour, and it is very very soft.  I wish I could take credit for the yarn choice, but in fact it was a surprise gift, given with the instructions that I should use it to make a scarf for myself. What a lovely idea!

I decided to keep the pattern simple, just stockinette stitch with yarn overs detailing the centre and edges, to let the yarn show itself off.  It knits beautifully, and gives a pleasing definition to the stitches, whilst still feeling and looking soft.  I think I’ve found my new favourite yarn!

It’s now much larger than in the photo, and too big to lay flat without half the stitches popping off the needles.  I think it’s about two-thirds of the size I would like it to be.  I can’t wait to finish, and start wearing it.


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