New Year, New Project

I always find that I need more than one project on the go.  Something big, and a mixture of smaller projects.

With Christmas gift projects completed, I find all my needles empty, and I am itching (twitching?) to get my teeth (hands?) into something new.

In the last few months of 2015 I taught myself to crochet, so it is only natural that I’ve chosen a crochet project to launch my New Year.

Avignon Matelassé Afghan by Priscilla Hewitt (from
Avignon Matelassé Afghan by Priscilla Hewitt (from

This Avignon Matelassé Afghan by Priscilla Hewitt caught my eye.  I love geometric patterns, particularly anything that interlinks.

I have never made anything so large as a blanket or Afghan, and am in awe of anyone who has. My partner’s mother and aunties regularly rattle out blankets, and tell me that they are not as daunting or take as long as I think.

I’ve long been told that crocheting is faster than knitting, so this seemed the smartest way to make my first Afghan.

I am using some Women’s Institute Soft & Silky 4ply in Slate that I found in my stash.  I like the definition it creates in the stitches without appearing hard.  The colour reminds me of chainmaille, which seems to fit with the medieval style of the motif.

I am using a 4mm hook, making Octagon Motif pieces that measure about 5 inches across, completely going against the gauge recommended by the pattern.

The pattern calls for 35 Octagon Motifs to be made, making a finished piece measuring 45 x 63 inches (7 x 5 Octagon Motifs).  With my smaller gauge, and smaller Motif dimensions, I will need to make 117 (13 x 9) Octagon Motifs, and 96 Filler Squares to make a finished piece of the pattern dimensions.

Well, I certainly know how to make things harder for myself!  If I manage to make one Octagon Motif and one Filler Square per day, beginning today, I will be finished on the 28th April.  Lets see if I can keep that up…

Here’s the work so far.

Two completed pieces, joined:

2016-01-02 - WIP-C - Avignon Afghan

And the third, two-thirds done:

2016-01-02 - SP-C - Avignon Afghan

It’s hard to see if I’m on track at this stage, and I’m slightly troubled by the way the motif twists slightly as it comes out of the centre.

It took three or four attempts to get the first piece correct.  I found the pattern difficult to follow to begin with, and there are a couple of errors in the pattern.  See the notes others have made on their projects on to find the corrections.  Once I figured out what I was doing, and understood the pattern, it was easy to memorise.

I can’t wait to see if this will turn out to match the picture I have in my head.

What is your first big project of 2016?


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