Ellie the Elephant

Allow me to introduce Ellie.


I finished making her yesterday after two days of knitting and not much else. It took more than these two days to make her, these last ones were a cram-knit in order to make sure she was ready for Christmas. Not just any Christmas, but for a little girl’s first Christmas. As an estimate I would say this project took around 40 hours, spread over around six weeks.

I used the Elephant pattern from Sarah Keen‘s book Knitted Wild Animals.

This represents my first attempt at knitting a stuffed toy, or indeed anything that isn’t a scarf, hat, sock or jumper.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. There is a section at the back of the book that gives guidance on all the techniques involved, making this a good book for almost all knitting abilities.

I have a personal allergy to sewing, mainly derived from an irrational idea that sewing is hard, so the making up part of the process was the trickiest for me. The instructions suggest making all the knitted pieces first before entering the making-up process, but by the time I got to the end of the first ear, I needed to see the final piece coming together. Putting together and stuffing the body, arms, legs, and head really helped to motivate me to finishing, and made me feel closer to completion. If I make another Elephant I will start making up as and when pieces are completed, even if a dismembered body is slightly disturbing!


In making this project I came across stitches and techniques that I either haven’t used in a while, or that were new to me.  I will create some quick reference guides that I will link to here.  Watch this space….


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